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August 2010 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

The Coast is Clear... For Now
by Dean Metz
I've been posting about all the changes and management cuts coming to the NHS. I've posted that primary care trusts (PCTs) will be eliminated. I work in a PCT. I've posted that management will be cut, mostly at the band 7 level. I'm a band 7. Are you Read More...
Maggie Cameron
by Dean Metz
"Those who forget the past...." most people know how that phrase ends. It appears our new prime minister, David Cameron, does not though. In 1988 when things were also looking rather grim for the UK economy, then-Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher thought Read More...
A New Device!
by Dean Metz
I'm fond of toys. I like to see new gadgets and things that will make therapy easier, more effective, or at least more interesting and enjoyable for patients. I received training today on a new device designed to protect home care workers' backs. Simply, Read More...
I Got to Teach Again!
by Dean Metz
I spent several years teaching at New York University's physical therapist assistant program. It was wonderful! I had the pleasure of training some of the most wonderful people I've ever come across in my career. I also had to stay on top of my game in Read More...
Power to the People
by Dean Metz
I wrote a few weeks back about how the NHS was changing. We've got a slightly better picture of what is planned. Currently, primary care trusts are in charge of commissioning services for each of the regions they cover. The central government has determined Read More...


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