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PT and the Greater Good

I Got to Teach Again!

Published August 9, 2010 3:31 PM by Dean Metz

I spent several years teaching at New York University's physical therapist assistant program. It was wonderful! I had the pleasure of training some of the most wonderful people I've ever come across in my career. I also had to stay on top of my game in order to answer their questions, provide the best possible education and comply with APTA guidelines. I've missed that part of my professional life.

This week I had the opportunity to teach a group of nurse cadets about osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The NHS sponsors high school and older students to work as apprentices in a cadet program.

It is a good way for people to determine if nursing is right for them prior to enrolling in a degree program. Currently the NHS is still training the equivalent of licensed practical nurses and then employing them but that practice will stop in just under two years. All nurses will be required to have degrees at that point.

It was a real treat to stand up in front of a group of less-than-willing teenagers (remember what you were like in school at 9 a.m.) and convert them into active participants who actually learned something. They learned not only about the two disease processes but also a lot more about what we physios do.

I've now sent out 10 young women who are much better versed in how physiotherapy works to alleviate pain and improve function. Not a bad morning!


Teaching was always my favorite component of being a PT - whether teaching patients and families, PT professionals, or other medical personnel.  So I totally understand how jazzed you must have been!  Sounds like it was a win-win for everyone!

Janey Goude August 15, 2010 3:15 PM

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