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December 2010 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

PT Input into the NHS Changes
by Dean Metz
My blog is a simple one this week. This is the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy's response to the proposed NHS Changes. Number 8 reminds me of the plan the APTA has for vision 2020. Summary of CSP response: 1. The White Paper proposals represent a high-risk Read More...
A Frozen PT Has Time to Think
by Dean Metz
Many of you may have read that England has ground to a halt. For a rare change, my town is the least affected by this snowstorm. The roads are icy and a challenge but we're still out seeing our patients every day. The rest of the country is not doing Read More...
The Problem-Oriented Approach to PT
by Dean Metz
I had a conversation today with a nurse of the same supervisory level as myself. We are overseeing the clinical education of a junior nurse. I think it is remarkable that both nursing and physio will oversee the clinical education of either discipline. Read More...
One Final Down, One to Go
by Dean Metz
Tonight I handed in my final assignment, an analysis of a public health campaign, and completed my final exam for my Social and Behavioral Science in Public Health course. The beauty of an online test is one's results are available immediately. I got Read More...


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