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January 2011 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

The Private Sector
by Dean Metz
The new changes coming to the NHS include requiring greater competition. What that means is the NHS must start using private companies and contractors to supply services and not rely solely on its own provider services. There is a company called "Connect" Read More...
The PT and his Motor(ing) Skills
by Dean Metz
It is that time of year when I go back to the States for the visit to mom, check in at the university where I'm getting my online degree and try to warm up a bit in Florida. The visit to Nova Southeastern in Fort Lauderdale went well, and I got a lot Read More...
The Culture Differences of Health Care
by Dean Metz
I'm currently back in the United States to visit family and the university where I'm working on my master's in public health degree. While reading the Sarasota Herald Tribune , my attention focused on an article about patient advocates. I remember these Read More...
Cameron's Pursuit of Happiness
by Dean Metz
The Christmas goose has been finished, the leftovers shared with friends on Boxing Day, Chinese lanterns with wishes for the New Year have floated on air down the River Tyne, and the detritus left from the New Year's merrymakers has been swept from the Read More...


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