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February 2011 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Perceptions of the Nanny
by Dean Metz
I heard the BBC news report how there is a risk of high numbers of alcohol-related deaths in the future. Incorporated into this story was the idea that government needed to do something to prevent this from happening. Currently this is being done through Read More...
by Dean Metz
The NHS has found £30 million to pilot a project aimed at reducing hospital re-admissions and promoting independence post-discharge. For this and next month all the trusts are running "re-ablement" teams created and devised by each trust. Services may Read More...
Biostats, Legal Issues and Continuing Professional Development
by Dean Metz
I'm sincerely questioning my sanity this week. That I decided to tackle "Biostatistics" and "Legal and Ethical Issues in Public Health" in the same semester was nuts enough. One is loaded with calculations and interpretations; the other with reading, Read More...
Continuing the Search for Continuing Education
by Dean Metz
I spent a good part of today trying to find a course to fulfill my continuing education requirements for both New York and Florida, where I am licensed. With the cost of flying across the pond, accommodations and the course itself, it makes sense to attend Read More...


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