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April 2011 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

The Successful Candidate
by Dean Metz
We finally sorted through those 100 applications and found 11 individuals who met the criteria for short-listing and interview. Of those 11, two called to say they had accepted other positions already but three simply failed to show up. I don't get that. Read More...
Could I Go Back Again?
by Dean Metz
Last week I described how one of my coworkers asked if I thought I could go back to working in the States again. I thought the answer would be a quick and easy, "Sure!" It wasn't. I haven't had to fight with an insurance company in over a year. I've enjoyed Read More...
Continuing Education Dilemma Solved
by Dean Metz
I wrote a while back about how I needed to take a course back in the States to satisfy the requirements for both my New York and Florida licenses. I wanted something that was recognized in both states, would interest me and be pertinent to my work. What Read More...
Entry-Level PT, New Grads Welcome
by Dean Metz
We have secured funding for a new permanent post in our trust. We've advertised for an entry-level therapist who can demonstrate a variety of skills but with an interest in working with older adults. The candidate will be able to drive and have the usual Read More...


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