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Continuing Education Dilemma Solved

Published April 12, 2011 4:35 PM by Dean Metz

I wrote a while back about how I needed to take a course back in the States to satisfy the requirements for both my New York and Florida licenses. I wanted something that was recognized in both states, would interest me and be pertinent to my work.

What do you know? I succeeded! I'm off to Philadelphia this weekend to learn about vestibular rehabilitation. I'm currently the lead physiotherapist in a falls clinic. I think this topic more than qualifies as relevant to falls. The course had one hitch - it was only accredited in New York, not Florida. Drat!

A few phone calls and emails later, I had submitted an application to the Florida State Board of Physical Therapy to accept my participation in this course as part of the necessary requirements for continuing education. I really didn't know that boards would or could do that. There is a minor administrative fee, but well worth it. It is certainly less expensive than flying back again for another course.

It is nice to be excited about a course, even after nearly 20 years in the profession and many courses under my belt. I was discussing how the information would be disseminated to my colleagues in an in-service presentation upon my return when somebody asked me, "Do you think you could ever work back there again?"

I was stopped cold in my tracks.


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