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May 2011 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Eleanor Rigby
by Dean Metz
I was told about the patient before my morning rounds. A person with end-stage COPD who initially had oxygen saturation levels of 79 percent yesterday, but after a nebulizer and increasing her oxygen to three liters they had climbed to 89 percent. She Read More...
When the Bullied Become the Bullies
by Dean Metz
Last week, my fellow blogger wrote a piece on the practice of rewarding someone for less than rewardable behaviour. She made clear and relevant points about lessons not learned such as consequences of actions, all things don't always turn out well and Read More...
Instructing Other Allied Health Professionals
by Dean Metz
Last week I finished my biostatistics and legal/ethical issues courses so now I have a free week before the summer semester begins. That means I have a lot of time to put together an in-service presentation based on the course on vestibular rehabilitation Read More...
A Vote of No Confidence
by Dean Metz
On April 13, the Royal College of Nursing (essentially the union and main professional organization for nurses in the UK) passed a motion of no confidence against the current Minister of Health, Andrew Lansley. Although this has little to no immediate Read More...


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