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June 2011 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Dizzy with Success
by Dean Metz
The vast variety of things PTs can do never ceases to amaze me. I'm even more amazed when this old dog masters a few new tricks. Back in April, I traveled back to the States and took a course on vestibular rehab in Philadelphia. I liked it... a lot. I Read More...
Senior Physical Therapist
by Dean Metz
This was a difficult week. I celebrated a birthday and the holiday I took was nice, the company was delightful and the food was fantastic. Right afterward, though, I felt very old. That wasn't because I've suddenly received a load of spam advertising Read More...
Politics on Either Side of the Pond
by Dean Metz
I mentioned two weeks ago that Parliament was meeting to discuss the proposed changes to the NHS in light of outrage voiced by every professional body. There is now a "listening exercise" going on so that MPs (Ministers of Parliament, similar to American Read More...
Building the Platypus
by Dean Metz
I've been writing about the changes going on in the NHS; one of which is the dissolution of the Primary Care Trusts. The PCTs run the community care, outpatient services and care-management services in the NHS. The PCT that I work for has decided to be Read More...
Different Perspectives
by Dean Metz
Last week, some of my fellow bloggers became involved in a discussion about whether the US system enables people to use a label of disability as an excuse or a "cop out." I found it interesting then to compare the US system with the UK system. Here in Read More...


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