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July 2011 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

PT and Telehealth Part 2
by Dean Metz
A while back, I wrote about a new practice here in the UK where patients are referred for therapy and receive a phone call from the physio. The physio asks a series of questions and then sends out advice and/or exercises in the post. I had some misgivings Read More...
The Joint Commission's Twin
by Dean Metz
When I worked in the US, I was all too familiar with an impending JCAHO survey. It seemed no matter where I worked, a survey was always either six months away or six months overdue. There would be training sessions, consultants would be hired to guide Read More...
Qualitative vs. Quantitative Outcomes
by Dean Metz
As part of my involvement with a committee that focuses on clinical practice for our NHS trust, we have been working on finding an outcome measurement tool. We want to be able to provide evidence to the commissioners that our work is effective and cost-efficient Read More...
Would You Give Up Your Car?
by Dean Metz
Earlier this year, I noticed rows and rows of bicycles chained to racks throughout London with a kiosk at the head of each rank. These were the first share-time bikes I'd seen. There were racks nearly every other block. The idea is that people rent a Read More...


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