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August 2011 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Following Patients Home
by Dean Metz
No, I'm not talking about stalking people. Here in the NHS, it is common practice for therapists who have worked with a patient in the hospital to continue treating that person once he goes home. If you are a hospital-based therapist here, you may spend Read More...
Body Parts
by Dean Metz
I wrote a while back about a standardized, comprehensive assessment that had been introduced into practice here in this NHS trust. It came about because leaders felt that patients were being treated as a diagnosis or a body part rather than as a whole Read More...
by Dean Metz
The Magpie is the mascot of Newcastle United's football (soccer) team. The black and white birds are known to be vicious and often force other birds out of their nests so they can eat the eggs. They are nasty pieces of work with a reputation similar to Read More...
Missing Home
by Dean Metz
I am rapidly approaching the two-year mark here in the UK. In many respects, I think I've done well adapting to a very different way of life, completely different health delivery system and surprisingly different culture. I am treated to living among Read More...
The Summer of Our Discontent
by Dean Metz
I can't help but notice a trend in my fellow bloggers' postings over the past few weeks. Veronica Haywood writes about working 10-hour days and frequent overtime . Toni Patt writes about not taking time off and having grueling productivity targets . Many Read More...


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