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PT and the Greater Good

The Summer of Our Discontent

Published August 2, 2011 4:02 PM by Dean Metz

I can't help but notice a trend in my fellow bloggers' postings over the past few weeks. Veronica Haywood writes about working 10-hour days and frequent overtime. Toni Patt writes about not taking time off and having grueling productivity targets. Many people responded to agree with her on the inability to take a holiday. Lisa West also writes about working lots of overtime in the past year. Lauren Rosso writes about the sacrifices to friends and family she has to make for PT school (which we all have made). Unfortunately it seems we are unable to tell Lauren that it will get much better once she graduates.

I'm spoiled. The last place I worked in New York gave me four weeks off, plus personal days and holidays. Now in the UK, I get 27 days off plus eight holidays and I take every single one of them. One cannot receive compensatory payment for unused time off here nor can one carry the time over into the next year. If you don't take the time, you're throwing money down the drain.

As a profession, we are making strides in terms of getting direct access and closer to the goals of being treated like the professionals we are. That will work well for those in private practice. What about those of us who toil in hospitals, rehab settings or nursing homes? It is a shame that only some of us will enjoy increased respect and be able to become masters of our own fates, while others work in situations not unlike Industrial Revolution factories.



Good for you!


Good points.  One of the reasons we chose to homeschool was to be able to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in our children instead of indoctrinating them into an industrialized mindset.  

Janey Goude August 9, 2011 2:19 AM


You will be happy to hear that for my wedding/honeymoon, I will be taking 100 hours of vacation time in September.  Cheers to that!


Lisa West August 4, 2011 4:20 PM

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