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September 2011 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

The "Aha!" Moment
by Dean Metz
For months now, I've been stymied by the NHS insistence on looking primarily at qualitative outcomes for most things. I simply believed that the leaders had given up on reason and on objective, quantitative outcomes. Like Captain Jack Harkness in Britain's Read More...
The British Gasp
by Dean Metz
While I was on holiday last week, I read an editorial by Paul Krugman in the New York Times about Ron Paul, a surgeon by profession, and the Republican presidential debates. It so disturbed me that I had to look up the clip he was referring to on YouTube Read More...
What a Great Friday Afternoon!
by Dean Metz
Our falls/vestibular service is usually very busy and booked solidly. In order to find time to review literature, brainstorm or study a particular case, we have to block out space in our calendars (nearly impossible) or use our own time. This past Friday, Read More...
Have You Walked in Their Shoes?
by Dean Metz
I posted a few weeks back about qualitative outcomes versus quantitative outcomes. This was in response to an unsettling trend I'm observing here in the UK - that the patient is always right, no matter what. The NHS seems to be abandoning clinical outcomes Read More...


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