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PT and the Greater Good

Study Fatigue

Published November 29, 2011 12:03 PM by Dean Metz

Just in case you've forgotten, in addition to moving to a new country, a new job, a new health care system, a new relationship and all that comes with that over the past two years, I've also been pursuing my master's in public health degree. It has been two years of taking class from 11 p.m. until midnight or later twice a week. Why am I taking class at that hour? Because the school is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the program is offered online for distance learning. Not being a morning person that sounds ideal, except I have to get up at 6 a.m. to be ready for work!

I'm tired.

I've been collaborating on projects with classmates who live at least five hours behind me. Arranging that is a challenge. I've taken exams at 6 p.m. my time; thank goodness the school's IT department can arrange that. And this semester I've taken a course in policy, planning and management, which has zapped every moment of spare time I have outside of work. I've nicknamed it "Building a Better Bureaucrat" because it is nothing but intense paper writing. Each assignment my group of four has done has been over 40 pages in length. I can't wait for this semester to be over!

I only have one more semester of coursework left for the spring, then I will do field work and have a degree (I hope!). It has been a grueling process and I would caution anyone my age to think twice about the demands it would place on your life. I can't study as long or retain things like I used to. I come home from work and write, read or do household errands. Weekends are occasionally free, but mostly used to study. That all has a much bigger impact at nearly 50 than it did at half that age.

Right then, back to the books for me.


Hi my friend! I completely understand how tiring school is in later years. Although, I have done all of mine while not working, I can only imagine how tough it has been. I guess I will find out in September when I will be working as I begin my doctorate. Hugs and love to you and Jay!!!!

Michael Sue Jenefsky November 30, 2011 1:46 PM

I did my DPT online.  I was exhausted the whole time.  More power to you that you're able to overcome all the obstacles.

Toni Patt November 29, 2011 6:48 PM

I'm tired just reading about why you are tired.  You have my admiration for all you have undertaken.

Your post also reinforces that positive changes are capable of holding every bit the stress of negative ones.  A factor we often overlook when evaluating our stress when considering how much to take on.

Here's to the end of bureaucracy and the beginning of a new year of fresh, relatively paperless starts!

Jane Goude November 29, 2011 1:02 PM

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