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January 2012 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Rejection Dejection
by Dean Metz
Remember how upbeat I was about submitting my first abstract two weeks ago? From the title, you can guess how well that went. Why do negative things seem to come in swarms like nasty little gnats? It has been one of those spells where I can't seem to Read More...
A Student is Coming!
by Dean Metz
One of the requests made by my line managers, once I got settled, was to start educational alliances and promote the teaching aspect of the team I work on. Finally that opportunity has presented itself. I'm ready to add on this new layer to my team's Read More...
Support for Research
by Dean Metz
I've learned a whole lot about research and undertaking studies in the pursuit of my master's in public health degree. That is a very good thing because audits and research are an integral part of working in the NHS, no matter what level one is working Read More...
Asking, "Why?"
by Dean Metz
A simple, one-word question that nobody seems to have time for. When I see a patient on my falls service, the primary question is, "Why did that person fall?" Yes, she may have a musculoskeletal injury that needs immediate attention; she may have a lack Read More...
by Dean Metz
I was working with an older adult the other day whose primary caregiver was someone with health problems of her own. The caregiver was feeling very down about her declining abilities and the need for greater assistance with the patient. "I'm getting a Read More...


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