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PT and the Greater Good

Support for Research

Published January 17, 2012 4:46 PM by Dean Metz

I've learned a whole lot about research and undertaking studies in the pursuit of my master's in public health degree. That is a very good thing because audits and research are an integral part of working in the NHS, no matter what level one is working at.

I never felt part of, or able to participate with, research in the posts I had in the States. Colleagues who were pursuing degrees might do a project, but most research seemed to occur in the ivory towers of academia. I certainly read articles about research, but it always seemed far removed from actual practice.

I'm pleased to report that is completely different now. I have completed two audits of services I work on. One has been written up as an abstract and submitted to a professional conference for presentation! I can't go into any depth about it yet, but I should know whether it has been accepted shortly after this post goes to print.

This is a brilliant way to work. I can provide evidence for my treatments' efficacy or I can demonstrate that things need to change. This is truly evidence-based practice that is alive and constantly striving to improve.

We've just started a project that will take the entire year to collect data on. I've learned volumes from previous projects and am very excited by my growth in this area. With the help of my colleagues, I anticipate being published in a professional journal within the next year. Not bad for a BSPT!


I'm jealous.  Your facility supports your desire to do research.  I wish mine felt the same way.  I have three proposals and can't get anyone to talk to me.  Fortunately we're a teaching hospital.  With a little effort I think I can get the university to help me.  We frequently hear how research isn't always real world.  I've also heard comments about how more clinicians need to do research.  That's rather difficulty if your facility doesn't support you.  Congrats on the accomplishment.

Toni January 18, 2012 5:52 PM

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