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February 2012 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

What is Our Service Worth?
by Dean Metz
Physios in the UK are being asked something that is very new to them, "What is your service worth?" Having worked in managed-care environments in the United States, both as a provider and for a third-party payer, this is not a new concept for me. I'm Read More...
Those Life-Changing Moments
by Dean Metz
As we go about our day as therapists, there is generally nothing unusual to us about it. We see our patients, provide evaluations and treat them, write notes about it and hopefully go home at a reasonable hour. What I think I have forgotten, having done Read More...
Sometimes I Can Be Thick
by Dean Metz
So I'm happily doing research on falls programs in the UK for both my work and a project for my "Program Planning and Evaluation" course for my MPH. I find some really good PowerPoint presentations with well-thought-out epidemiology figures, etiology Read More...
The Job is Changing
by Dean Metz
When I first started with the team I work on, the bulk of the patients needed chest physiotherapy for COPD or asthma exacerbations. It was a nice review of things I hadn't spent a lot of time on since PT school, but it wasn't fascinating. It seems that Read More...


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