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PT and the Greater Good

Those Life-Changing Moments

Published February 21, 2012 6:26 PM by Dean Metz

As we go about our day as therapists, there is generally nothing unusual to us about it. We see our patients, provide evaluations and treat them, write notes about it and hopefully go home at a reasonable hour. What I think I have forgotten, having done this for a while, is how it is anything but a usual day for our patients. Something has happened to knock them off the track they were on. We are not part of their usual day. Mostly I suspect they just want to be finished with us to move on.

My fellow blogger, Toni Patt, DPT, posted recently about her job changing forever and I blithely responded about her demonstrated strength and suggested that she read Who Moved My Cheese?

This weekend was my turn for the knock off the tracks. I got home Friday from my "usual" day to find that my patio doors had been smashed and the house had been burglarized. They took all my computer equipment and subsequently the vast volume of work I had completed for my master's degree. It was not a fun weekend.

The police came. The first set was a kind and compassionate pair of policewomen who arrived less than 10 minutes after I called. I was part of their usual day. Next an officer from forensics came (two hours later) and did her job and left. Again part of her usual day. Around midnight someone came to board up the broken door. He barely spoke. The next morning yet another detective came around and chatted pleasantly for a few minutes. Although pleasant, he was not encouraging. We were part of his usual routine.

Not unlike a health care team, these people came and went through my unusual day. Each left a different impression about how much they were involved and cared about my case.

How do you make your patients feel on your usual day?


Very poignant analogy. Thanks for making me think differently about my usual days. Sorry for your loss and the violating experience that led to it.

Jane Goude February 21, 2012 10:26 PM

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