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March 2012 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

A Huge HMO
by Dean Metz
I posted last week that the UK has a two-tiered system of care. One receives a basic level of coverage (the NHS) through payroll tax deductions or one can opt for a higher level of service through privately paid insurance. Now, that higher level of service Read More...
A Two-Tiered System
by Dean Metz
Last week I posted about a conversation I had with my GP. He disclosed to me that he has private insurance to supplement the NHS. I had private insurance when I first moved here but have since dropped the policy. I wonder if I should renew? It was very Read More...
He ‘Struggles with It'
by Dean Metz
I went to see my GP today for a routine matter. While in the waiting room, I saw that his practice utilizes a company that provides tele-physio. This is a practice where a physio calls a patient, has a discussion about the presentation and then gives Read More...
The Baby with the Bathwater
by Dean Metz
There has been so much chatter here in the UK about the "patient experience" and collecting the qualitative data to ensure a "positive patient journey." Many of the NHS guidelines focus on outcomes that embrace this idea. That's nice. I believe that patients Read More...


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