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July 2012 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

The NHS and the Olympics Opening Ceremonies
by Dean Metz
Many of my friends back home have asked why the NHS was part of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics? Part of the opening ceremonies is to display the prides and joys of the host country, of which the NHS is one, though it did seem a bit odd at first, Read More...
The Top of the Physio Food Chain
by Dean Metz
So with new degree in hand, I have begun the search for a new post. The first place one usually looks is the website where all the NHS jobs for England and Wales are found . Although Scotland is part of the UK and jointly funded, they manage their own Read More...
Algorithms and "Ticky Boxes"
by Dean Metz
More and more I'm seeing health care professionals rely upon checklists for things. It has been demonstrated that having a checklist prior to surgery has reduced medical errors in the O.R. as well as complications afterwards ( Haynes et al. 2009 ). The Read More...
"It Is Done"
by Dean Metz
That was my Facebook post on Friday evening after I turned in my field project reports and completed the comprehensive competency exam to finish my master's in public health degree. I then had a martini and fell asleep on the sofa. I was bloody exhausted. Read More...
My Brain is Full!
by Dean Metz
This has been a week. Lauren has blended right into our team and is so low maintenance while also getting so much accomplished. I do love a student who has a hunger to learn! This week was the last in my field experience for my public health degree. What Read More...


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