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August 2012 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Exercise Fail
by Dean Metz
There was an article in today's New York Times by Jane Brody discussing why promoting exercise up until now has been, for the most part, unsuccessful. It makes sense really, in the hurry-up, today-is-already-too-late world that many of us live in, trying Read More...
My Timing Stinks
by Dean Metz
I've been so psyched about presenting a poster at the Physiotherapy UK conference in Liverpool in October. The poster proof came back today and it looks really great! This would be my first conference here and the very first time I would present, exciting Read More...
Guidelines... Efficiency or Mediocrity?
by Dean Metz
A few weeks back, I posted about how I disliked algorithms and ticky boxes . I felt they took all of the clinical thinking out of the decision-making process. Is it even possible to reduce all medical care into a flow chart? An article in The New Yorker Read More...
Decisions! Decisions!
by Dean Metz
I have posted that there are limited opportunities for advancing my career right now here in the UK. But an opportunity has arisen in the US... a good one. Things are not likely to change much here in the near future. The NHS is still restructuring, while Read More...


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