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September 2012 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

How Do You Say, "Thank you?"
by Dean Metz
For the past three years, I've had the wonderful experience of working and living in a world previously unknown to me. I arrived with lots of clinical experience and ideas from home to a place at once familiar and foreign. The language was both comfortable Read More...
Kodak Moments
by Dean Metz
A reader commented this week to an old blog post of mine . Over a year ago, I posted about becoming an older physical therapist and the challenges and emotions I was experiencing. Another therapist responded and voiced similar concerns regarding change, Read More...
A New Adventure in Comfy Old Shoes
by Dean Metz
This week's blog is delayed because I've been doing a bit of traveling over the past few days. I've accepted a job with my old employer in New York City and traveled over and back to have my physical and drug test. This was not an easy decision on many Read More...
Does Charity Begin at Home?
by Dean Metz
It has been an interesting weekend here in the UK with regard to budgets and foreign aid. On the BBC Sunday morning talk shows, a radio presenter told the story of a young woman who called in with a question for David Cameron, the current prime minister. Read More...


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