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PT and the Greater Good

A New Adventure in Comfy Old Shoes

Published September 12, 2012 1:40 PM by Dean Metz

This week's blog is delayed because I've been doing a bit of traveling over the past few days. I've accepted a job with my old employer in New York City and traveled over and back to have my physical and drug test. This was not an easy decision on many levels.

I actually like living in England. I like the history and the people; the weather... not so much. This country's philosophy on health care more closely aligns with my own than the US does. That being said, the company I'm going to work for is very involved in providing primary care to one of the most vulnerable populations in New York state. That is a trade off I can live with. In my blog from August 12, 2009, I stated that I worked for a company I really believe in. This is that pair of comfy old shoes that will be relatively easy to slip back into.

The current state of the NHS is in flux, as it has been since I've moved here. I took what I thought would be a good "starter" job when I arrived, which I'm still in three years later. The same month I started working, David Cameron became prime minister, ushering in a Tory parliament and changing everything. Positions were frozen, pay was frozen with no increases since I've been here, and without changing posts, I've worked for three different employers as things got restructured over my head.

I have a new degree in public health, which is going through a major upheaval as it leaves the auspices of the Department of Health to be overseen by each local authority (town). Many of the people I worked with for my final project don't know if they'll have positions at the end of January. Last week, Andrew Lansley (the Minister of Health) was replaced with Jeremy Hunt, the former Minister of Culture who was investigated for illegal involvement with Rupert Murdoch in underhanded media dealings. The future and options for advancement seem limited and tenuous.

I have student loans, some family obligations and an opportunity for significant advancement in this new job. This is definitely an example of head overruling the heart. With more than just a little sadness, the "leaving doos" and the packing will be starting soon.


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