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October 2012 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Dramatic Change in Medicare Coverage
by Dean Metz
Just yesterday the New York Times reported that Medicare will now provide coverage for chronic conditions, particularly for home care and therapy services. This will have a huge impact on physical therapists. Those cases we would have to discharge due Read More...
Three Down...
by Dean Metz
The Physiotherapy UK 2012 conference was in Liverpool this weekend. As I'm now in New York, I couldn't make it to defend the poster of my research, but I left that task in the capable hands of my second author. Unfortunately, she had some serious family Read More...
by Dean Metz
I've been back just over a week. I hit the ground running, starting my new job a mere three days after landing. While still a little jet-lagged, I started absorbing the changes that have occurred in the three years I've been gone. I feel a bit like I'm Read More...
What's This Guy Doing Back?
by Dean Metz
You may be thinking that exact thing. Didn't I move back to New York? How on earth can a "New York PT in Queen Elizabeth's Court" go on if he's no longer actually in her court? You're right, that journey is over for now. However, that means a new journey Read More...


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