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PT and the Greater Good

It's Not Just Me!

Published November 27, 2012 3:03 PM by Dean Metz

I've been reflecting on the posts from my fellow ADVANCE bloggers this week. Toni stood up for her ethics, was forced to find a new job and has noted how difficult it is to get extra work. Jason works extra jobs to afford big purchases or to survive if his caseload is low. Karen is doing an amazing job of finding the silver linings in the cloud of restructuring in her workplace. Lisa had her first week off in a year and Lauren is stressing over her clinical assignments. Heck, I've had to move across an ocean in order to find decent work. It's good work, but the playing field seems to change daily. Toni, Karen and I have, or are getting, advanced degrees just to stay relevant.

We're stressed. Really, really stressed.

The alarming thing is that we're the lucky ones; we have jobs. I am reminded of the more than 100 resumes I received for an entry-level job in the UK. Physios work as trainers, aides and/or waiters for a year or two after graduating in England. Hospitals are closing, patients are being rushed through the system, New York's Medicaid system is going through a massive and rapid overhaul, and the paperwork isn't getting any less.

It isn't just me, New York City, the Northeast or the USA. Health care is in flux across the globe. Those of us with jobs are being asked to do more with less and increase our skill set in the process with limited breaks to recharge our batteries. Janey has her work cut out for her helping us find balance!

This past week it has been good to stop and give thanks for what we have. There's something calming, humbling and healing about gratitude. Me? I'm grateful that I'm finally going to see my spouse when I fly to the UK for the weekend.


Have fun this weekend!

For all the headaches about healthcare, the changes, paperwork, and hassles of the job I would not want to give it up for anything.  I think it has to do with watching the progress of the patients, getting to know their families and friends and knowing I am making a difference in someones life.  

Jason Marketti November 30, 2012 8:20 PM

Love all the shout-outs!  Enjoy your trip, Dean.

Lisa Mueller November 27, 2012 6:41 PM

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