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December 2012 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

A Better Economy Starts with PT
by Dean Metz
Improving the economy is no easy task in the current environment. Today I read an interesting article reporting that companies are now looking at a community's health profiles to assist in determining whether to open shop there or not. * The analogy of Read More...
The National Prevention Strategy
by Dean Metz
Have you heard about this strategy ? It was publicized in a two-paragraph press release by the APTA when it emerged back in April 2012. Did you know there was a National Public Health Week? If you read it, did you follow the links to see what it was all Read More...
Peering Over the Cubicle Wall
by Dean Metz
I've been pretty busy at work as of late. Our company is expanding from just New York City to the entire state of New York by the end of next year. That's a lot of training and education to be done. It is also uncharted territory as we adapt our approach Read More...
The Game is Changing... Fast
by Dean Metz
I read with great interest today the post of my fellow blogger and former student intern, Lauren Rosso . Despite my near-constant soapbox routine about the positive aspects of the Affordable Care Act this summer, the words finally sunk in under the tutelage Read More...


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