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PT and the Greater Good

The Game is Changing... Fast

Published December 4, 2012 1:19 PM by Dean Metz

I read with great interest today the post of my fellow blogger and former student intern, Lauren Rosso. Despite my near-constant soapbox routine about the positive aspects of the Affordable Care Act this summer, the words finally sunk in under the tutelage of one of her professors this week. That is really cool!

I'm currently working in New York state in a program that's changing the way care is delivered to the Medicaid population. The Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) is demanding a complete overhaul of how care is delivered. Fee-for-service care disappears entirely in less than three years, all providers must work on an electronic medical record and care management becomes the keystone in providing care. It's immensely rewarding to be working at the forefront of such change. The change is evidence-based. The same company I'm working for pioneered this approach more than a decade ago and has the lowered re-hospitalizations, improved quality of life and high patient satisfaction rates to back it up.

We are transitioning this model of care to other regions of New York now. What we're seeing is tremendous resistance to change and acrobatic efforts to configure the plan into the same old model of care that has failed in the past. What's at stake? $53 billion in New York taxpayer money and the solvency of provider companies, that's what.

Providers need to do their homework daily. The plans are changing that rapidly. The time spent bemoaning the days gone by is wasted time and the young Turks, like Lauren, will rapidly pass by us old goats, but only if we let them.


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