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February 2013 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Just Phone It In!
by Dean Metz
A piece of research came out in the British Medical Journal at the end of last month regarding tele-physio. I've been a vocal critic of this practice "development" in this blog and to anyone who will listen. This is an important piece of research. If Read More...
The Vitamin D Question
by Dean Metz
As many readers of this blog know, I'm fairly passionate about fall prevention and have been trying to incorporate my work in that arena into my public health work. The potential impact on our aging population, and cost the rest of us will bear as a result, Read More...
We Should Watch (Read) Gretchen Reynolds
by Dean Metz
Who is Gretchen Reynolds, you may ask? She's a columnist for The New York Times , and journalist for other publications as well, who writes about exercise and fitness . She brings reports about studies on exercise, fitness and aging to the general public Read More...
Gina Kolata, Voodoo, and PT in Journalism
by Dean Metz
It has been just over three years since " Treat Me, but No Tricks Please " appeared in The New York Times . In this scathing piece about inconsistency in physical therapy, Gina Kolata roiled emotions and got a lot of people thinking about whether what Read More...


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