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March 2013 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Showing Our Age
by Dean Metz
I read this article on NPR (National Public Radio) about how people of a certain age, which includes me, are less fit than their counterparts of two decades ago. How can this be? With all the advances in knowledge and availability of information, how Read More...
Personal Accountability
by Dean Metz
In response to my blog from last week, one Facebook reader suggested that laws such as Mayor Bloomberg's ban on super-sized drinks started a slide down a slippery slope into a nanny state. Simultaneously fellow ADVANCE blogger, Toni Patt, DPT, reflected Read More...
The Obesity Fight
by Dean Metz
By now, many people have heard about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's attempt to combat obesity by limiting the size of soft drinks containing sugar. There has been both an aggressive ad campaign and a new ban on beverages over 16 ounces. He has Read More...
Goodbye Fee for Service!
by Dean Metz
For most of my professional life, except when I worked in the NHS in England, either I was paid on a fee-for-service basis or the employer I worked for was reimbursed that way. Essentially, "make a visit, get paid" was the way it worked. That's a very Read More...


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