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April 2013 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Is It Any Wonder?
by Dean Metz
Public health is a challenging field. It's an area focused on prevention so therefore not reimbursable by most third-party payers. It's primarily spearheaded by government bodies; therefore it is often not trusted or presented as too "nanny state" and Read More...
Being an English Versus American Health Consumer
by Dean Metz
Last week I got to experience being a consumer in the US health system again. What fun!... not. I have a relative who was an emergent inpatient in a hospital in the southern part of the country. I traveled down to assist my relative at home and be present Read More...
Dancing Faster and Faster
by Dean Metz
New York state has made remarkable changes to the way it's administering Medicaid. The Medicaid Redesign Team has enacted changes that will completely alter the current practices and expectations of both providers and patients. As of May 1, all long-term Read More...
The Road Paved with Good Intentions
by Dean Metz
Last week my ADVANCE colleague, Janey Goude, wrote a piece about the Medicare plan to charge penalties to hospitals with excessive readmission rates. I had to reluctantly agree with her assessment... the plan isn't working the way it should. This is one Read More...


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