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May 2013 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Maintenance Therapy
by Dean Metz
A very important ruling came out February in the Jimmo vs. Sebelius argument . It clarified that improvement of function is not a requirement for Medicare reimbursement. Rather it's the need for skilled services that determines whether a claim is reimbursable. Read More...
by Dean Metz
A friend of mine posted on Facebook today, "I've maxed out my health insurance deductible, in-network bills are on them now." What an interesting state of affairs when we're tempted to congratulate someone for being unwell enough to warrant full payment Read More...
More Harm Than Good?
by Dean Metz
An interesting article came out in the British popular press last week that states some chronic low-back pain can be cured by antibiotics. The writing is fairly clear that only certain cases would benefit from this approach and it includes links to the Read More...
‘Does it Do What It Says on the Tin?'
by Dean Metz
I learned this expression while working in England. It was a way of getting to the core of something, often a product, to determine the original intent and whether it was accomplished. I wonder that about continuing education requirements. Florida has Read More...
Continuing Education Continues
by Dean Metz
So I'm back in the US about six months now and I've got a massive amount of continuing education to do. Before anyone starts wagging fingers about "serves you right" or anything else that sounds like your mother scolding, I had to do lots of CPD (continuous Read More...


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