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PT and the Greater Good

Continuing Education Continues

Published May 1, 2013 9:25 AM by Dean Metz

So I'm back in the US about six months now and I've got a massive amount of continuing education to do. Before anyone starts wagging fingers about "serves you right" or anything else that sounds like your mother scolding, I had to do lots of CPD (continuous professional development) in the UK... none of it counts here. The UK accepts everything I've done here but New York doesn't even accept the poster presentation I did at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy conference in Liverpool last year. They do give credit for presentations done in the US though.

I'm busy doing a bunch of online courses, some good, some lame. The descriptions rarely indicate which category they will fall into. New York has only a time requirement, but I'm also licensed in Florida, which requires 12 hours of in-person education. I'm off to a course in Fort Lauderdale in a few weeks on shoulder rehab. I purposely chose a course in an area that I haven't delved into for a while. I like to try to stay as well rounded as possible, even if I may not use the information on a day-to-day basis.

By the end of May, I'll have 36 hours under my belt. Some will have actually have been valuable. I'm glad that required CEU is now the norm. For way too long, PTs could go for decades without so much as reading an article. It's a step in the right direction. Now I propose investigating a different approach, like the one in the UK. I'll go into that next week.

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