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PT and the Greater Good

Time for Reassessment

Published July 16, 2013 6:05 PM by Dean Metz
Reassessment is something we do daily with our patients. Are we making progress toward our goals? Are our chosen techniques having the desired effects? Are we going to achieve the desired outcomes or do we need to change course? The same could be said for our careers.

Nearly a year ago, I returned to the States after obtaining a new degree with the hope that I could have a positive impact on the people in my state. I was hoping to meet new challenges and apply new skills. I have to say that I don't think I'm realizing my potential in this post. In any situation, one has to reflect on the role he had to wind up in the situation in which he finds himself.

In truth, there were some situations where I could have handled myself more diplomatically, but on the whole, it's the combination of unfortunate circumstances and corporate culture that has put the entire company in its current state. I'm not seeing a role here for myself anymore.

In the three years I worked in the National Health Service (NHS), I grew immensely. I didn't appreciate it at the time. I was too close to the situation. I found that I'm no longer in sync with the way healthcare is run here in the States. I find myself banging my head against an unyielding wall.

Now the question is, how much longer do I want to keep doing that?

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Oh Dean, that company has been cutting, slashing & putting its profits before its patients and employees since 1998. I was on the verge of leaving PT altogether until I ever-so slowly put together a private practice using an entirely different model from the norm - a practice focusing on patient care, psychological and physical, giving them time to direct the terms of their own healing and care. I provide the tools, support and guidance. I hear on a daily basis how it's working for them.

Sharon, Private Practice - Physical Therapist, New York July 17, 2013 10:12 PM
New York NY

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