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September 2013 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Cultural Competency or Patient Safety?
by Dean Metz
An interesting discussion has arisen here in the UK regarding healthcare providers and the niqab (the full face veil some Muslim women wear) Prime Minister David Cameron stated that it should not be up to the government to decide what people can or cannot Read More...
Is This a Way to Get a Job?
by Dean Metz
I landed in England a week ago and am finally getting over the jet lag and readjusting to the different culture over here. Lots of "Oh yeah, that's right!" moments such as remembering bathroom light switches are on the outside of the door (Unless it's Read More...
Efficiency and Efficacy
by Dean Metz
There have been postings from my ADVANCE colleagues lately about the cutting of staff in order for corporations to meet financial targets. I commented Sept. 4 on Toni Patt's blog and referenced the Francis Inquiry , which reports on the massive failings Read More...
Just Breathe!
by Dean Metz
I've worked all through my adult life, even when in PT school. There was one period in the mid-80s when I was unemployed for about two months... it made me crazy. Having grown up in New England, I have a Puritanical work ethic. I define myself by my work, Read More...


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