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October 2013 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

by Dean Metz
There is a wonderful practice in the NHS of England called "Secondment." The Oxford Dictionary defines it as: A period of time when an employee is sent to work somewhere else temporarily, either to increase the number of workers there, to replace a worker, Read More...
Medical Tourism
by Dean Metz
Over the years that I've been blogging about my findings whilst working here in the UK, I've had more than a few people state something like, "Well if the care is so good there, why do so many people come to the USA for the best treatment?" Some people Read More...
The Best Medicine
by Dean Metz
I've just returned from the Physiotherapy 2013 conference in Birmingham, England. I never thought I would say this, but it's probably the best thing I've done for my career in the past decade. The speakers were inspirational. One of the main themes was Read More...
Learning to Say, ‘No. Thank You.'
by Dean Metz
So I've been back in England a month now. It is good to be home. The work of looking for employment can be more exhausting than simply being an active physiotherapist! Recruitment agency interviews, collecting data on immunizations and titers and such, Read More...
Are We Off-Base About the Obesity Epidemic?
by Dean Metz
I was riding the train to Edinburgh yesterday to visit friends. I picked up a copy of the English newspaper, The Independent , which had a very interesting article on childhood obesity . This topic has come up frequently in the ADVANCE blogosphere. We've Read More...


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