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November 2013 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Portraying People with Disabilities
by Dean Metz
As I mentioned in my last blog , I'll be starting my new job next Monday. That has left me with a lot of downtime. Some of it has been productive; some of it has been rejuvenating. I managed to watch all five seasons of "Breaking Bad," the highly popular Read More...
These Things Take Time
by Dean Metz
On September 26, I submitted my application for a job here in the UK. It was the first day the opening was announced. Job openings here are kept open and CVs are collected until a closing date, generally a week later, after which no further applications Read More...
The Patients Who Really Test Patience
by Dean Metz
Most of my career has been spent working with older adults. I've worked in acute-care hospitals and briefly in a skilled nursing facility, but the majority of the time I've worked in the community. I think one of the reasons working in the community has Read More...
Autonomous Since 1977
by Dean Metz
I found out some interesting facts when I attended the Physiotherapy UK conference two weeks ago. One that surprised me was that physios have not required a medical referral to treat since 1978. Physiotherapy was recognized as an autonomous profession Read More...


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