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PT and the Greater Good

These Things Take Time

Published November 19, 2013 3:25 PM by Dean Metz

On September 26, I submitted my application for a job here in the UK. It was the first day the opening was announced. Job openings here are kept open and CVs are collected until a closing date, generally a week later, after which no further applications are accepted and a committee "short-lists" the candidates for interview.

I had my interview on October 24. It went well and three days later I was offered the post. Then I had to wait for a packet to arrive from human resources, after which I could schedule an appointment with them. This is the point where they look at one's original degrees and ID information. It's also when the form for a criminal background check is completed. It used to be called a CRB (criminal record background) but has now changed to a DBS (disclosure and barring service).

That gets sent away to a central office for processing. One may not start, even non-clinical work, until that certificate is received. Had it arrived on Friday, I could've started work this Monday. It arrived Saturday, which means I have to wait until the next induction session on December 2. I understand "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" ever so much better now, especially the Vogons' bureaucracy.

I'm really ready to get to work. I've kept myself busy since I've been back; reading up on changes in the NHS, going to the gym four times a week, putting tile up in my kitchen and watching the first three seasons of "Breaking Bad." But really, enough is enough. Let's go to work!

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Congratulations in finding a job.  Enjoy the time at home.  Soon you'll be too busy to worry.  When you run out of TV shows there is always movie rentals.

Toni November 20, 2013 6:14 PM

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