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December 2013 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

PTs and Prescribing
by Dean Metz
I mentioned in an earlier blog that physiotherapists in the UK will soon be able to prescribe medications independently from doctors. A clarifying statement has been issued by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists: "The physiotherapist independent Read More...
New Role Starting to Take Shape
by Dean Metz
So I've finished my induction and have been happily plugging along for almost two weeks now. One of my major tasks is to consult on patients living in care homes (senior housing with ADL assistance that may or may not have nursing included) who have fallen. Read More...
Cash-Only Healthcare at What Cost?
by Dean Metz
I saw my old New York doctor today. He was the main focus in a New York Times article about providing healthcare in a cash-only model. I really should point out that when he was my PCP, he was still accepting insurance and I was not paying the $25,000 Read More...
First Day in the New Job
by Dean Metz
You know what that means... orientation! I'll be attending four continuous days of induction, which will cover all of the statutory/mandatory modules for this NHS Trust. Very interesting to compare it to the orientations I've experienced in the USA. Today Read More...


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