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PT and the Greater Good

First Day in the New Job

Published December 5, 2013 11:59 AM by Dean Metz

You know what that means... orientation! I'll be attending four continuous days of induction, which will cover all of the statutory/mandatory modules for this NHS Trust. Very interesting to compare it to the orientations I've experienced in the USA. Today five members of the executive board arrived, on time, to introduce themselves and each in a different way voiced how employees fulfill the mission of this organization.

At my last post in the USA, the president insisted on being on the agenda, and then rarely showed up. When he did, he informed new employees that if they didn't make the grade or like the way things worked, they could leave. Today we had security and fire safety training. The security bit amounted to "If you see something, say something" but the fire safety bit was something I've never done in more than two decades as a PT. We put out fires (yep, real fires) with fire extinguishers.

The head of safety quite reasonably made the point that if he was going to teach us how to use them, then it should include a practical component. The same topic in New York? Well, I'll admit it is difficult to create a flaming toaster in midtown Manhattan, but that head of safety was a retired NYPD detective. Nobody knew security better than he did, or had more interesting stories to tell.

What is on the agenda for the rest of this week? Bullying and harassment policy (not even touched on in NYC), manual handling (body mechanics with a practical lab for moving patients and objects), information governance, safeguarding children and adults, risk management, infection control, conflict resolution, and CPR. How does this list compare with what you have gone through with your employers?

Also, I have finally heard back from that NHS Trust that I interviewed with in August and requested reimbursement for travel expenses. I've successfully argued my case and they are agreeing to refund the cost of the flight. This week has started off just about as well as I could have hoped.

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