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PT and the Greater Good

Shoestring Budget

Published January 28, 2014 3:43 PM by Dean Metz

I'm having a whale of a time in my new post! I'm bringing American efficiency to my role as a consultant; evaluating people who have fallen in care homes and recommending a corrective course of action. I started out with a list of nearly 80 names of people who had been waiting from 1 to 3 months for an assessment, to a list of six people referred in January. The care home managers are rather happy with my work.

Then there's the other part of my role, revamping a fall-prevention service based at a small local hospital. The hard-working physios who have soldiered on through tough times previously haven't exactly welcomed the new carpetbagger with open arms. After today's meeting with the staff, I feel like I've been the board in a dart match. With much cooing and active listening (they have valid points after all), we were able to move forward with positive attitudes.

Wait lists are a big taboo here in the NHS. Government regulators come down hard on NHS services that make people wait for service. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to get the people with purse strings to notice that additional support (budget lines) are required is to allow the wait lists to grow. For instance, see the paragraph above and you'll understand why my post was approved. It will all come out right in the end; of this I'm sure. Until then, I'm planning for the service I need rather than the service I can afford.

On another note: I won! The Trust, which erroneously called me across the "Pond" for an interview in August, has reimbursed my travel expenses. Never back down from unfair management! Pursue what is right, but do it in their language and on their terms. It may take time and patience, but right wins out in the end.

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Hello Dean, and congratulations on both fronts!! Well done, you. Wait lists are a commonplace thing here too, and folks have to wait until their insurance 'approves' their visit. Sometimes that doesn't happen for weeks, and the patient sometimes gets "better" on their own, albeit with residual issues that can have unforeseen fallout from not getting proper help in the first place. Sometimes even horrendous wait lists don't get the admin's attention because they try to make do with less; the problem with that it huge burnout. That said, I am very happy for you!

Mary Stilwell, , Physical Therapist Georgia Regents Medical Center January 30, 2014 10:23 PM
Augusta GA

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