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PT and the Greater Good

Finally Merging Physio and Public Health!

Published February 25, 2014 2:55 PM by Dean Metz

Next week I'm giving a presentation to the local authority and public health department on the problem of falling in older adults and what needs to be done about it. It's helpful that this is the same town I did my master's thesis on and that I'm starting up a falls service within.

What's really exciting is that nobody has the breadth of knowledge I do on this subject! I'll be giving the same presentation at the Northeast Regional Falls Group (a consortium of specialist doctors, nurses, physios, psychologists, and OTs from this region of the country) to demonstrate how the NHS (health services) and public health (prevention) can work together. The goal is not just how to deal with rehabilitating those who have fallen, but how to ensure fewer people fall over the next 20 years. During that time period, the population of older adults will grow by nearly 20% and the financial cost would be devastating.

I have prattled on about how physios (PTs) need to think beyond clinical degrees in order to effect change in the larger scope of things. An MPH, MBA, PhD, even MD will open doors not previously welcoming to PTs. It has taken me time, more than I expected, but I'm paving the way for younger PTs to assume leadership roles in the design, formation and implementation of healthcare. I think that degree might be paying off after all.

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Lovely post! I've been working toward this end since I was in PT school, 17 years ago. The paradigm shift is slow, but great thinkers like you are helping to expand the minds of those for whom curative and biomedical model are mutually exclusive.

Ginger Garner, Integrative Medicine & Health Promotion - PT, MPT, ATC, PYT, Professional Yoga Therapy Studies February 27, 2014 5:50 PM
Emerald Isle NC

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