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PT and the Greater Good

Presenting, Presenting, Presenting...

Published April 30, 2014 4:33 PM by Dean Metz

I got word today that the abstract for our study on the clinical and financial efficacy of our fall prevention clinic has been approved for a poster presentation at the annual Physiotherapy UK conference in Birmingham in October. I'm very pleased. While I was back in New York last year, the team here was collecting data. When I returned, we put it all together and were very pleased with the outcomes. It seems the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy was as well. This will make two presentations in three years. Not bad going, if I do say so myself.

Tomorrow I'm presenting at the strategy meeting on fall prevention for the local authority where I'm working. It's in conjunction with public health, third-sector (charity) stakeholders, and health service providers. Essentially this is about how to integrate all these stakeholders toward a common goal of reducing risk for our older and late-middle-aged adults. These meetings really excite me. How often would all these parties get together to work on common goals back in the US? On top of that, we're meeting monthly to assess progress, plan future initiatives, and ensure no gaps are left in addressing this public health problem.

If I'm very lucky, I'll also be presenting in London in May too. Our unit has been shortlisted for a national award based our work. We'll have to present to a panel on why we deserve the award and what makes our team and approach unique. I'm not able to go much into detail for a few weeks, but when I've been given the go ahead, you'll hear all about it.

Not that there was any real doubt, but I'm thinking coming back here was absolutely the right move for my career.

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