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June 2014 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Consent for Professional Abuse
by Dean Metz
If you're thinking this is a post about patient consent, it's not. Last week I wrote about the nearly unachievable productivity levels in skilled nursing facilities . I got a lot of responses from it. A former classmate wrote to tell me he was just separated Read More...
Productivity Woes
by Dean Metz
Many of my fellow ADVANCE bloggers have been voicing concerns over productivity standards where they work. There is concern over not being able to reach targets and still do required work that's not billable; concern over working on one's own time; concern Read More...
My Mentor, My Inspiration
by Dean Metz
For my birthday, I've treated myself to phone calls to friends and family back in the States. I just got off the line with the person who I can say is the reason I became a PT/physiotherapist. I had been in my mid-20s and the whole starving actor gig Read More...
Yes, There's a Need for What I'm Doing
by Dean Metz
This morning I learned that a piece of my childhood had passed on. Ann B. Davis, one of the actors in "The Brady Bunch" (new grads, ask your parents, they'll remember) slipped while getting out of the shower, hit her head and died . This is really unfortunate. Read More...


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