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PT and the Greater Good

Yes, There's a Need for What I'm Doing

Published June 3, 2014 5:22 PM by Dean Metz

This morning I learned that a piece of my childhood had passed on. Ann B. Davis, one of the actors in "The Brady Bunch" (new grads, ask your parents, they'll remember) slipped while getting out of the shower, hit her head and died.

This is really unfortunate. I've read that she needed a walker to get around. I wonder if she had assistance in the shower or was she attempting it on her own? Could she really manage to bathe on her own? Were there rubber mats and/or grab bars in place? Was there anything that could have prevented this outcome?

Working with older adults, I know too well that many of them do not wish to "go gentle into that good night." Nope, they will kick and scream all the while you are showing them how much their gait has improved with the use of a cane. I imagine I will probably be much the same if and when the time comes.

Prevention is so much better than cure, but nobody seems to want it. This is the dilemma I'm confronting with my projects here in the UK. How am I going about dealing with it? I'm targeting the children and caregivers of older adults! My thought is that if I can educate them on how to look after their parents successfully, they'll apply those same ideas to themselves 10-15 years down the road when they become the "at-risk" population.

Will it work? I'm not sure. I suppose I'll be the one creating the evidence if it does. One thing I do know for sure -- no country will be able to afford the medical care necessary when this group reaches that age unless we take action now.

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