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PT and the Greater Good

My Mentor, My Inspiration

Published June 10, 2014 1:38 PM by Dean Metz

For my birthday, I've treated myself to phone calls to friends and family back in the States. I just got off the line with the person who I can say is the reason I became a PT/physiotherapist. I had been in my mid-20s and the whole starving actor gig was more starving than acting and it really wasn't much fun.

I figured that if I wasn't having any fun, I could at least make some better money, so I started my quest for what I wanted to be should I some day grow up. A friend was running a small private PT practice in Brooklyn at the time and I met her for lunch one day at her office. I was early, and with the permission of her patients, I got to watch what she did. I was hooked! She has provided gentle guidance along with the occasional kick in the pants ever since.

We did the usual catching up on the phone today, asking about each other's spouses, trips and such. We also talked about how the practice of PT is changing and what that means for future PTs and ourselves. I was able to tell her about our award nominations, presenting at Physiotherapy UK 2014 in October, and about the grant I applied for this week. I was very touched by her response. "You've successfully reinvented yourself, more than a few times! But you did it in a way that also benefits humanity. The work you're doing is remarkable."

I became a PT because I wanted to help people (and make a living). I didn't expect to have found my calling nor to be in a position now where I can impact a population on a large scale. I suppose the best birthday gift I got this year was the admiration and approval of my mentor.

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