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PT and the Greater Good

What Do Scores Really Mean?
by Dean Metz
The National Health Service was in the news again this weekend , and not for good reasons. The children's hospital in Bristol has a high mortality rate. The medical director of NHS England, Sir Bruce Keogh, has ordered an independent review of the matter, Read More...
What's Your Tipping Point?
by Dean Metz
In the year I was back in the US, a very important paper came out here in the UK; the Francis Report , which details the failings of one institution in caring for its patients. This report is having ripple effects through the entire country in terms of Read More...
Are We Off-Base About the Obesity Epidemic?
by Dean Metz
I was riding the train to Edinburgh yesterday to visit friends. I picked up a copy of the English newspaper, The Independent , which had a very interesting article on childhood obesity . This topic has come up frequently in the ADVANCE blogosphere. We've Read More...
The NHS and the Olympics Opening Ceremonies
by Dean Metz
Many of my friends back home have asked why the NHS was part of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics? Part of the opening ceremonies is to display the prides and joys of the host country, of which the NHS is one, though it did seem a bit odd at first, Read More...
The British Gasp
by Dean Metz
While I was on holiday last week, I read an editorial by Paul Krugman in the New York Times about Ron Paul, a surgeon by profession, and the Republican presidential debates. It so disturbed me that I had to look up the clip he was referring to on YouTube Read More...
Biostats, Legal Issues and Continuing Professional Development
by Dean Metz
I'm sincerely questioning my sanity this week. That I decided to tackle "Biostatistics" and "Legal and Ethical Issues in Public Health" in the same semester was nuts enough. One is loaded with calculations and interpretations; the other with reading, Read More...


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