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PT and the Greater Good

Unintended Consequences
by Dean Metz
A while back there was some chatter among us ADVANCE bloggers on the public health issue of obesity. Since having an elevated BMI can cause a host of health problems, and Westernized nations on the whole are getting heavier and heavier, this is an area Read More...
Primary Focus
by Dean Metz
I have been following along with the reports from Danielle Bullen, Rebecca Mayer and Lisa Lombardo on the goings-on in Tampa last week . I find the outcomes interesting and validating. One of my contentions with Vision 2020 is that it seemed too isolating. Read More...
Perceptions of the Nanny
by Dean Metz
I heard the BBC news report how there is a risk of high numbers of alcohol-related deaths in the future. Incorporated into this story was the idea that government needed to do something to prevent this from happening. Currently this is being done through Read More...


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