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PT and the Greater Good

Productivity Woes
by Dean Metz
Many of my fellow ADVANCE bloggers have been voicing concerns over productivity standards where they work. There is concern over not being able to reach targets and still do required work that's not billable; concern over working on one's own time; concern Read More...
Now I'm Convinced
by Dean Metz
A few months back, a member of my family was in a business meeting when suddenly his right hand became spastic. He looked at the person he was meeting with and couldn't figure out why he was there or what they had been talking about for half an hour. Read More...
It's Not Just Me!
by Dean Metz
I've been reflecting on the posts from my fellow ADVANCE bloggers this week. Toni stood up for her ethics, was forced to find a new job and has noted how difficult it is to get extra work. Jason works extra jobs to afford big purchases or to survive if Read More...
PT and Telehealth Part 2
by Dean Metz
A while back, I wrote about a new practice here in the UK where patients are referred for therapy and receive a phone call from the physio. The physio asks a series of questions and then sends out advice and/or exercises in the post. I had some misgivings Read More...


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