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Oh, Oh Shayla – Dansko’s Newest Walking Shoe 13 January 14 12:12 PM postedby Maria Senior

If your resolution is to get in shape this year, and I’m not knocking it, because it’s a big one for me too, our newest Dansko shoe is really getting me pumped up! The “Shayla” comes in three hot new colors and looks different than any other Dansko we’ve ever seen.  Not only do you find sleek new lines, but you also get all the bells and whistles that Dansko is loved and known for – moisture wicking, odor control, Scotchgard™ protection, shock absorption, removable footbed and reflective strips for visibility when you are outside.   Check out this newest innovation from Dansko and tell us what you think.

#29206 Dansko “Shayla” Silver Metallic Walking Shoe


#29205 Dansko “Shayla” Black Nubuck Walking Shoe


#29202 Dansko “Shayla” Blue Nubuck Walking Shoe


Are you a Dansko purist at heart?  Don’t worry, we still carry over 50 Dansko shoes from the Professional to the ProXP.   To view our entire selection of Dansko’s click here -

Have a Joyous and Healthy Holiday! 20 December 13 02:04 PM postedby Maria Senior

Wishing you a joyous and healthy holiday season and a New Year filled with peace and happiness from the ADVANCE Healthcare Shop!

Check out our holiday e-card!

Surviving Holiday Shopping 03 December 13 02:45 PM postedby Maria Senior

What’s your game plan? Everyone needs one, even if it’s procrastination. Thankfully for me, I have an anal retentive brother who creates lists upon lists. He even saves the lists we used from the past few years so we can review and make the most informed gift list for this upcoming season. Frankly, I get exhausted just thinking about it, but he’s the best I’ve got for a Santa’s little helper, so I can’t complain. What happens when you don’t have an OCD family-member to help?  It’s time to take a deep breath, and get into that holiday shopping spirit, even if you come in kicking and screaming.  Here are some suggestions that might help you get through this holiday season…practically unscathed. 

1)      Shopping Online – Since your pants might be too tight after that day of indulgence, we refer to as Thanksgiving , stay in your PJs and shop from the comfort of your recliner.  You can avoid the crowd and the stress of being trampled to death over that last “must-have” toy everyone is talking about.

2)      Make A List – Santa’s been known to do it every year, so check your list to see who’s been naughty and nice and maybe this year you’ll be able to remember to get a gift for your third cousin twice removed.

3)      Gift Cards – Nowadays it’s even easier to go this route, because you can find gift certificates everywhere and for every single person on your list.  Even if it’s Christmas Eve, most websites allow you to print out a copy of that “down-to-the-wire, save your butt” electronic gift card on the spot.

4)      Shopping at Off Hours – If you are not fond of the internet or if you have to see physically see and touch the present to know it’s the one, then taking some time to go when there are less people to aggravate you.  Taking a day off of work, might do the trick to avoid those long lines. If you can’t get the day off, shopping an hour before the store closes can also be a great time to get in that last-minute rush of gift searching.

5)      Shop Closer to Christmas – If procrastination is your friend this holiday, so might be shopping closer Christmas day.  More stores are willing to give an added incentive to buyers to clear their shelves when it comes down to that crunch. If you do your best work while under the gun, then this might be the best time for you.

6)      Save Early – Unfortunately for most of us, it’s already a bit too late, but by setting aside some extra cash or selling some wares on eBay, you might just get into the right frame of mind and stay jolly this holiday season.

7)      Create a Budget – Bigger is always better, or so Pinterest would like us to believe, but even Pinterest can give you great ideas for holiday gifts on a budget.  If you are crafty, now’s your time to shine.  Trust me, your friends and family will probably remember and treasure your gift more if it’s something you’ve created with your own two hands.

Do Your Research – If you have a list put together, then make it easy on yourself by going online or checking your local papers to see who has the lowest prices.  By doing just a bit more research ,you will save yourself some much needed extra cash to buy the things you really wanted for Christmas! 

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us how you survive holiday shopping!  

Bring Peace, Joy & Ease to Your Shopping Experience with Flipboard Mini Catalogs 26 November 13 09:07 AM postedby Maria Senior

flipboard log.jpg

With Black Friday creeping its ugly head around the corner, there’s no more denying that the holidays are here. Trying to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list, all while staying within a budget has been the Holy Grail for most of us – that unattainable goal, just out of reach.  We here at the ADVANCE  Healthcare Shop hope to assist you this year! Our newest mini catalogs allow you to shop by price, making it easier for you to shop for all those people on your list, stay within budget and find some inner peace with finding everything you need in one place. 

$20 & Under Catalog (Link to

$15 & Under Catalog (Link to

$10 & Under Catalog (Link to



$5 & Under Catalog (Link to


Don’t forget to enter our Facebook Caption Contest! It’s fun and easy to enter -

We Want to Hear From You! 16 October 13 11:28 AM postedby Maria Senior

Your feedback is so important to us so we’d love to know what you think about our Shop!

Do you like our website  Do we have the products you need for your profession?  What do you think about our prices?  Is there anything you would like to see on our website that isn’t available? 


We would love to get your feedback – the good, the bad and anything in between. 

Play Our Favorites for Fall Twitter Contest 04 October 13 02:55 PM postedby Maria Senior


Just in time for gift-giving, we are giving away a $250 gift certificate to the ADVANCE Healthcare Shop!

Who couldn’t use an extra $250 around the holidays? Our twitter contest is simple! All you have to do is pick your favorite item from our Shop and tell us why you love it on twitter!

Click here for more details -

What would you use this money to buy?   

We Want to Celebrate You! 24 September 13 02:27 PM postedby Maria Senior

During the fall, before the wafting scents of turkey hit our nostrils and we are completely overwhelmed by the holidays, we want to stop and say thank you! Many of our medical professionals celebrate their profession in the Fall and we are so glad to help you celebrate!

In preparation for these upcoming events, we have brought in some great new products! 

Our “what is” posters have been very popular and will help you promote your profession.

Our selection of products with FREE engraving make the perfect gift for any occasion!

Silvertone Keychain with FREE Engraving

One of my favorite gifts, is our 15 oz. ceramic mug.  Not only do we have it available for all our professions, but you can personalize it with a name or initials! 

Need the perfect group gift?  What about these fun buttons? 

“Get Strong to the Core – Physical Therapy” Button

No matter what gifts you are looking for, we have you covered.  Let us be your one-stop shop for your event coming this fall and have your group thank you for your thoughtfulness for years to come!

How do you celebrate your event? 

Want to see all the events coming this fall – check them all out here -

Pink Ribbon Pride 16 September 13 10:18 AM postedby ADVANCE

Ever since my mom had a breast cancer scare a few years ago and because both my aunt and my great aunt are breast cancer survivors, I’ve been vigilant in the fight for prevention by trying to share the message of self-exams and yearly doctor’s visits.  However, I realize you just can’t go around shouting at people to do a self-breast exam (apparently people frown on this behavior) so, I’ve found an alternate way to get the message out, that’s a bit more socially acceptable, by wearing breast cancer awareness items whenever I’m out.  I have a plethora of products with pink ribbons and each and every one of them has been a catalyst toward starting a conversation about breast cancer.  

Have you ever noticed how something as small as promoting your favorite sports team, cause or special shirt with cats doing yoga poses, can incite conversations? Sometimes it can be the most simple and effective way to get the word out!

What do you do to show your pink ribbon pride? 

Do you like to show Team spirit?

breast cancer team spirit shirt

How about bringing attention to your cause in a fun and spicy way?

save the ta tas shirt 

Are you an equal opportunity supporter?

breast cancer support shirts 

For me, showing my pride, is not only a great way to get the word out but also allows me to meet new people and hear their encouraging stories of hope and survival.  Tell us your story or a story you’ve recently encountered about breast cancer awareness and survival.

Visit our website to see our entire selection of breast cancer awareness items.  Also visit our Polyvore site to see our pink inspiration and our Pinterest site to pin your pink ribbon favorites!

It’s Time to Fall for ADVANCE 09 September 13 12:44 PM postedby ADVANCE

I love the fall! With the smell of pumpkin spice, colorful leaves, hay rides and of course the new fall fashions that celebrate the changing season!


I am one of the lucky few who get to sit in on our vendor meetings for a first glimpse at all of the fun scrubs, shoes and equipment that will be coming in for the next season.  Of course I then have to wait patiently for the chance to start advertising all the new colors, prints and styles that have been deemed the “best of the best”….and for Fall…that time has arrived! 


To celebrate the new line of fall fashions that are arriving daily, we decided to kick things up a notch and have a Pinterest contest where you could win one of this season’s most popular scrub brands - WonderWink or Carhartt!


scrub top prize 

Wink "Charlie" Y Neck Mock Wrap Top 




scrub pants prize


WonderWink™ Four-Stretch Women’s Sporty Cargo Scrub Pants




scrub top prize


Carhartt® Men's Color Block Utility Scrub Top




It’s an amazing prize and who doesn’t love to pin until your heart’s content on Pinterest? 


Visit us on Pinterest page for more information on how to enter! Happy Pinning!
Ultimate Medical Bags 22 August 13 11:58 AM postedby ADVANCE

One of the most important investments for healthcare professionals is the purchase of a dependable and durable medical bag. From nurses and EMTs to physical therapists and occupational therapists, healthcare professionals need bags that deliver quality on every level. Their medical bags need to stand up to the daily rigors of their respective professions.  That’s why ADVANCE Healthcare Shop carries the most popular professional bag on the market – Nurse Mates Ultimate Medical Bag!


nurse mates ultimate medical bag 


Nurse Mates Ultimate Medical Bag is designed with hectic schedules in mind. That’s why each and every Ultimate Medical Bag is outfitted with a roomy main compartment, plus additional pockets and compartments for easy organization and retrieval of medical equipment, accessories, and paperwork.


pink ultimate medical bag 


The combination of handles and a removable/adjustable padded shoulder strap makes toting your professional essentials a more comfortable experience. Wire framing adds increased durability, while water-resistant fabrics keep important instruments, documents and paperwork from damage during inclement weather.


ultimate medical bag strap nurse mates cheetah print medical bag


Nurse Mates Ultimate Medical Bag is also offered in an array of popular solid colors and fashionable prints/patterns.


Nurse Mates Zebra Print Ultimate Medical Bag breast cancer ultimate medical bag

Nurse Mates “Medical Pattern” Ultimate Medical Bag blue nurse mates heart medical bag

nurse mate floral patten ultimate bag breast cancer ultimate medical bag


Be sure to visit ADVANCE Healthcare Shop today to find the Nurse Mates Ultimate Bags that’s perfect for you!

For a Limited Time – Enjoy LOWER PRICES on Littmann Stethoscopes*! 07 August 13 12:57 PM postedby ADVANCE

Here’s something that you don’t hear every day: Littmann, the best stethoscopes in the business, are now available at deeply discounted prices! For an extremely limited time, we’re able to offer our customers discount Littmann stethoscope savings of up to $100 off the manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing!


Take a look below at just a few of the Littmann stethoscopes currently available at reduced prices.


Littmann® Classic II S.E. Stethoscope with Black Finish Chestpiece

The best-selling Classic II S.E. Stethoscope from Littmann® is now available with an all-black finish chestpiece and matching latex-free tubing. The dual-frequency, tunable diaphragm allows you to listen to both low and high frequency sounds by simply alternating pressure on the chestpiece. Firm pressure allows you to hear high frequency sounds. Ease off to light "skin contact" and the diaphragm lets you hear low frequency sounds.


littmann classic ii se stethoscope 


Littmann® Master Classic II Stethoscope

The Master Classic II offers efficiency in stethoscope auscultation that is unprecedented in a general examination stethoscope. The bell and diaphragm modes are incorporated into a single-sided “Master” chestpiece. No longer will you need to remove the chestpiece from the patient and mechanically switch from bell to diaphragm sides.


discount littmann master classic ii

Littmann® Master CardiologyTM Stethoscope with Special Finish

Ultra-accurate acoustics, combined with an increased improvement in low frequency response and your choice of chestpiece color, make this one of the most sought-after stethoscopes on the market. Practical features include a single-sided chestpiece, a tunable diaphragm that conveniently alternates between high and low frequency sounds, a headset with a permanently set anatomically correct angle to minimize air leaks and a patented special procedure adaptor.


 littmann master cardiology stethoscope


Littmann® Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope with Rainbow Chestpiece

Developed to help healthcare professionals administer a more precise and comfortable evaluation of pediatric patients, the Littmann® Classic II stethoscope features a rainbow-finish chestpiece designed for accurate auscultation. Additional outstanding design features include a contour-conforming diaphragm, a non-chill rim, latex-free tubing and a three-year warranty. 


littmann classic ii pediatric 


Littmann® Classic II Infant Stethoscope

Designed for use by pediatricians, neonatologists and NICU nurses, the Classic II Infant stethoscope delivers remarkable clarity when used with younger patients. Standout features include a suitably-sized stainless steel chestpiece, latex-free tubing, a contour-conforming diaphragm, and a non-chill rim that won’t disturb the patient during examination. Three year warranty included.


discount littmann infant stethoscope 


Littmann® Classic II Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Stethoscope

Introducing a stethoscope with a cause! The best-selling Classic II S.E. Stethoscope from Littmann® is now available with breast cancer awareness-themed pink tubing. The dual-frequency, tunable diaphragm allows you to listen to both low and high frequency sounds by simply alternating pressure on the chestpiece. Firm pressure allows you to hear high frequency sounds. Ease off to light "skin contact" and the diaphragm lets you hear low frequency sounds. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the American Cancer Society.




Plus, you’ll receive a FREE* Steth-O-Flair Stethoscope Charm with the purchase of any Littmann Stethoscope!


(*While supplies last. Limit one gift with purchase per order.) 


Nurse Steth-O-Flair Stethoscope Charm “Kids First” Nurse Fairy Steth-O-Flair Stethoscope Charm Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Steth-O-Flair Stethoscope Charm

“Super RN” Steth-O-Flair Stethoscope Charm


And don’t forget, all Littmann stethoscopes are eligible for our optional custom engraving program – Now with FASTER TURNAROUND!



Don’t delay – get your discount Littmann stethoscope today!


*Please Note: Stethoscopes priced as marked. No further reductions. Personalization charges (where applicable) are extra and not discounted. 
Time to Treasure Hunt. It Pays to Play! 31 July 13 11:16 AM postedby ADVANCE

buried treasure contest

From July 29 to August 30, play our Buried Treasure Game and win one of our Ultimate Treasure Prizes!

The game is simple: Each Monday, we will give a clue to a product on our website. Each clue offers certain keywords that you can enter into the Search box on our website that helps you narrow down your search. Look for a treasure chest on the image of the correct product. The treasure chest will indicate that you have located the correct answer.  Email your answer and instantly receive a 20% promo code just for entering. Two lucky winners will be picked each week to win our Ultimate Prize of the Week! Each week we will offer a great new prize, so enter as many times as you would like to  increase your chances of winning!

To get started, go to our Facebook page , “like” us and then click on our “Play Our Buried Treasure Game” tab.  

If you found real buried treasure, how would you spend your fortune?


Eye-Popping Neon Colors for Healthcare Professionals! 17 July 13 03:40 PM postedby ADVANCE

Bold and bright colors are in fashion this year. Take a look around you. You’ll find neon colors in shopping centers, on the beach, and in the workplace. Yes, neon colors are currently the hottest trend in healthcare. Right now, scrubs in solid neon colors and neon-flecked prints are in high demand. But scrubs aren’t the only healthcare essentials that are available in trendy neon colors.


Many brand name manufacturers are currently producing neon medical equipment, neon accessories and neon professional shoes that add style and substance to uniforms and workwear. Below you’ll find some of the most totally awesome stethoscopes, equipment, shoes and accessories that are available in totally trendsetting neon colors.


Koi by Sanita® “Professional Lindsey” Clog

What makes the Professional Lindsey clog a must have? Start with a naturally flexible patent leather upper that influences comfort. Then add a skid-resistant, shock-absorbing polyurethane outsole that increases balance and decreases the risk of slips and falls. Continue with anatomically-shaped footbed with a moisture-wicking leather liner. Finish with the “Seal of Acceptance” by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Offered in an array of popular colors, the Professional Lindsey now comes in Neon Pink!


neon koi professional shoes


Cherokee Women’s “Wow Me” No Show Anklet Socks – Pack of 5

Prepare to be surprised by style! Each pack of “no-show” anklet length socks features five pairs done in a mix of fashion-forward prints and patterns. Cotton-rich construction keeps feet cool and comfortable, while smatterings of nylon and Lycra add stretch.


neon ankle shoes 


Prestige Medical Ultra-Sensitive Dual-Head Stethoscope

Looking for increased accuracy through more sensitive equipment? This traditional dualhead stethoscope features state-of-the-art technology for precise sound delivery. Now available in Neon Blue, Neon Pink, and Neon Orange.


neon stethoscope 


Prestige Medical 7 ½” EMT/Utility Scissors

A cut above the rest. Made from a combination of high-grade stainless steel and plastic, these EMT/utility scissors from Prestige Medical feature milled serrations that cut through the toughest materials. Plus, their corrosion-resistant properties allow for autoclave sterilization without the risk of instrument damage.


neon utility scissors 


Prestige Medical® Clinical 1® Stethoscope

The bar has been raised. High performance and outstanding acoustics make the Clinical 1 stand out from the crowd. By using a stainless steel chestpiece and stainless steel binaurals, this stethoscope incorporates the most effective sound conducting metal available. Plus, the dual-head design gives the Clinical 1 the versatility you need. Also includes an ID tag, a replacement diaphragm, an instruction booklet, two sets of ear tips, and a lifetime warranty. Now available in Neon Blue and Neon Pink.


prestige medical stethoscope 


Colored Temple Eyewear

Looking for affordable eye protection? The colored temple eyewear is perfect for healthcare professionals looking for inexpensive, yet effective protection. Offered in Neon Blue and Neon Pink.


neon protective eye safety glasses 


Nurse Mates “Cheetah Pattern” Ultimate Medical Bag

It’s a jungle out there! So it’s best to be equipped with one of the best healthcare accessories in the business – Nurse Mates’ Ultimate Medical Bag. Sporting a sassy cheetah pattern, this new addition to the best-selling line of medical bags features a spacious wire-framed main compartment, two side pockets and a front pocket with additional compartments for easy organization. Plus, it’s water resistant and has an easy-to-carry handle and a removable/adjustable shoulder strap for versatility. For an extra special touch, we can also embroider your initials on the strap. 


neon cheetah print bag 


It’s easy to stay in style with neon medical equipment, neon accessories and neon professional shoes available from ADVANCE Healthcare Shop! Check out our neon polyvore page.

Here They Are! The Winners of Our Annual Slogan Contest! 12 July 13 11:53 AM postedby ADVANCE

ADVANCE Healthcare Shop’s annual slogan contest wrapped up last month, and we'd like to thank everyone who submitted a slogan for consideration. Picking the winners proved to be a very difficult task since we received an abundance of creative entries. In the end, we chose three slogans for use on our products. Each of the three winners will receive a free gift with their winning slogan, plus a $100 gift certificate to ADVANCE Healthcare Shop! 

Congratulations to all our winners! Our new products showcasing these winning slogans will be available on Wednesday, July 17. Visit to order your favorite!


The Winners: 


We Care - From Our Heart to Your Heart” – Bonnie Watkins


OTs Provide Tools for New Possibilities” – Stephanie Stone


Nurse – The Real Superhero” – Lisa Peto

Add that Extra Special Touch with FREE Engraving! 08 July 13 10:43 AM postedby ADVANCE

It’s pretty much a given that if you’re reading this blog, you’re a shopper. And in all of your shopping experiences, you’ve most likely come across the terms “personalized” or “personalization available”. But you may not be familiar with these words. What does personalization mean? Personalization is the act of adding words, initials, numbers, or symbols to a product via such methods as embroidery, silkscreening, printing, or engraving. Adding personalization to a product is an extra special touch that makes a gift more memorable and meaningful.


Out of all the various personalization methods, engraving ranks among the most popular. Engraving not only creates an eye-catching effect that truly stands out, it adds a sense of elegance that other forms of personalization may not convey. Engraving transforms gifts into timeless keepsakes that can be used to commemorate special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations, births, promotions or holidays. Engraved gifts are also a thoughtful way to recognize a personal or professional achievement. Right now, ADVANCE Healthcare Shop is pleased to offer free engraving on select gifts. By offering free engraving, we encourage our customers to create unique gifts that speak from the heart.


We currently offer free engraving on gifts and accessories that are often among the most popular choices for special occasions, professional events and holidays. Take a look at our latest additions to our free engraving collection.



Glitter Flask
Sized perfectly for pockets, briefcases and purses, this high-quality flask features an eye-catching glitter design, a screw-on cap to prevent leakage, and durable stainless steel construction that’s strong enough to endure years of use. Plus, you can add your initials to the silver plate via one line of FREE custom engraving. 


free engraved flask 


Silvertone Picture Frame

Whether it’s elegantly displayed on a desk or mounted on a wall, this attractive dual-tone aluminum picture frame creates excitement in home or office.

Designed to hold one 4” x 6” photo, it features space along the bottom for one line of FREE custom engraving. 


free engraved picture frame 


Corkscrew & Bottle Stopper Gift Set

This two-piece gift set includes everything you need to enjoy a bottle of wine, champagne or liquor. Use the stainless steel waiter’s corkscrew with bottle cap opener and blade to easily open any style of bottle. After the bottle is open, keep its contents fresh by inserting the stainless steel bottle stopper. A wooden storage box makes an attractive display piece especially when customized with one line of FREE custom engraving.  


free engraved corkscrew bottle stopper 


Flower-Shaped Silvertone Compact Mirror

Mirror, mirror. Now you can be the fairest healthcare professional of all with this flower-shaped compact. Measuring 2 ½” in diameter, one end features a standard mirror, while the other features a magnifying mirror. Made from silvertone metal, this fold-up style accessory fits easily in pockets and purses. Best of all, it features room for one line of FREE custom engraving.  


free engraved compact mirror 


Silvertone Awareness Ribbon Keychain

With a shape inspired by the symbol of awareness ribbons, this high-quality keychain is a creative way to show your support for any number of causes. Made from silvertone metal, it features a split ring for keys, a ribbon-shaped charm, and room for FREE custom engraving of your initials.


free engraved ribbon keychain 


Silvertone Keychain

Thanks to its contrast-stitched leather strap, this keychain is easy to retrieve from pockets and crowded purses. Other outstanding benefits include a split key ring and FREE custom engraving of your initials on the silver metal disk. Available in black or brown strap color choices.


free engraved keychain 


Leather-Accented Matte Silver Keychain

This impressive keychain stands out from the ordinary with a classy, professional appearance. Its upscale look is courtesy of contrast-stitched leather accents and a matte silver ID plate. Additional features include a split key ring and an attractive gift box. Add FREE custom engraving for a lasting gift.


free engraved keychain 


Business Card Case & Pen Gift Set with FREE Engraving

Handsome gift set includes two accessories that every healthcare professional can use: a metal/plastic business card holder that stores up to 18 standard size business cards and a matching twist-action ballpoint pen with blue ink. Best of all, we offer FREE custom engraving on both the case and the pen.


free engraved business card case gift 



By offering free engraving on the gifts above, we hope that you’ll choose ADVANCE Healthcare Shop when it comes time to celebrate your special event!


Please Note: For all custom-engraved items, please allow an additional 7-10 days for processing.

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