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Deal of the Fortnight: Light-up Halloween Pens

Published 22 September 09 12:41 PM
There's no shortage of these pumpkin pens ... yet.

The first thing I do each morning is flip on the TV. I need to know what traffic's going to do to me. Also, each morning at this critical time of year is the time when I can almost get away with wearing boots in Pennsylvania, and so I have to catch the weather.

At this time of morning, I'm scurrying around, skirting two hyperactive cats, battling through piles of laundry and usually wearing two different shoes. Needless to say, I'm not giving 100 percent of my attention to the cheerful morning newscasters.

This morning, I heard a report that there's a pumpkin shortage in New England. The way I heard it in my half-awake, one boot on, one heel on, yelling at the kitten for jumping on the drying rack for the laundry state, I was sure no one was getting a pumpkin this year. No worries, though. According to this Associated Press article, despite the shortage, er, lateness of pumpkins this year, pumpkins won't be absent from the stores. I'm also enamored with this quote about how, in fact, everyone will get a pumpkin.

"The problems crop up in the crop and people start saying we're going to be short of pumpkins and no one is going to get their pumpkins. In fact, everyone gets a pumpkin, but sometimes they pay more," explained Gary Lucier of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Even I will get a pumpkin this year, if Lucier has it right, and I haven't bought a pumpkin in years. You should get a pumpkin, too, or a ghost, in the form of these little light-up Halloween pens that are knocked down in price enough to make it to my Deal of the Fortnight post. I jumped the gun a bit and wrote about Halloween pens back in July, but now writing about these light-up Halloween pens seems much more in tune with the leaves turning and skeletons and ghouls starting to show up on porches as Halloween approaches.

It's in the same family as our very popular flamingo pen and our breast cancer awareness light-up pen, sporting feathers at the top. It comes in two flavors, ghost or pumpkin, and is a steal at $1.49. I loved the review Sandra left on this item, saying that she purchased seven at a specialty store for $4.99 and then spotted ours for the regular price of $1.99 and scooped up a dozen. Now these light-up Halloween pens are even cheaper, so make one yours. They're not plagued by crop shortages, and they'll make a great gift or a good choice for someone who wants to do something to celebrate Halloween but can't necessarily come in to work dressed as your favorite breakfast meat, for instance.

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